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Updated August 31, 2021

What is Free-mo N you may ask?

This slide show presentation by Dave Falkenburg (member of the Silicon Valley Group) should provide the answers to your questions...

Our Local Free-mo N Standards Document is available for download here

--- Upcoming Work Days ---

We currently have no workdays scheduled.

--- Upcoming Shows ---

Our next public show is expected to be the January 2021 Great Train Show in Portland.

Previous Shows We Have Attended

Lewis Conty Model
Train Show October 2013

Meet N March 2014

Portland GTS January 2015

Meet N March 2015

Puyallup GTS November 2015

Portland GTS January 2016

Meet N March 2016

Puyallup GTS November 2016

Puyallup WGH January 2017

Puyallup GTS November 2017

Puyallup GTS January 2018

Portland GTS January 2018

Portland GTS January 2019

LK&R Model RR Club
Train Show March 2019

Portland GTS January 2020

2015 Portland National Train Show

By all accounts it was a success with over 75 modules, ~20 scale miles of track, and over 40 operators!

To see photos and video, visit the Facebook pages linked at the bottom of this page.

Here is a cab ride video of the layout, with a big "Thank You" to Peter Keppel for producing it!



We had our modules up and running on Saturday & Sunday, January 24th & 25th 2015 at The Great Train Show

Location: Portland Expo Center, 2060 N. Marine Drive, Portland Oregon

Click on the above image or here to see our layout plan

Watch the setup day video here: Friday Setup

Watch the Saturday video here: Saturday Running

Carfloat on the harbor. It has two removable barges,
so you can actually load it and remove or bring cars onto the layout!

Cow watching the excursion roar through town

Click here to visit our listing of required and recommended hardware for your module.

Video from our first public show event!

On Saturday and Sunday, October 12th and 13th, 2013 we set up our modules and operated trains. Here is a video:

Our website is always under construction as new content is frequently added. Eventually you will find a schedule of our events, photos of our modules, drawings of our various setups, and some how-to files that demonstrate how to build the basic framework of a module and perhaps apply scernery.

What is PNW Free-mo N you may ask?

PNW Free-mo N was established to serve N scale Freemo modelers in Western Washington and Northwestern Oregon areas. We are an offshoot of the original Free-mo N standard. We are a new group having been formed in 2011. Most of our modules are still under construction and have incomplete scenery.

Some of us have been active in model railroading nearly all of our lives and some of us have just started out in the hobby. We come from as far north as Seattle and as far south as Lincoln City. Thus you should realize that when we travel to attend a setup we are serious about our commitment and involvement in Free-mo N! We have our own version of the standard, just like the other Free-mo N groups listed in the links below.

"Free-mo is a modular scale railroading standard designed for individual modelers that specifies bench work, track work, scenery, and digital control intended to 'raise-the-bar' for scale modular railroading for N scale. The standard promotes, and even forces, prototypical appearance and operations by using a single main line traversing the module resulting in prototypical point-to-point or loop-to-loop configurations and operation."

Part of the draw of Free-mo N is that the standard allows someone with limited space at home to still have an operating model railroad, albeit it small, and by attending a group setup to share the hobby with others and operate trains on layouts far too large for most people to have in their own homes.

We aspire to a high level of quality and hope you will respect our goal. Here are examples of the level of quality we aspire to: http://www.nlandpacific.com/Highlights.html

If interested in learning about Free-mo N and the standards that define it, please review the basic standards document here:

If you think Free-mo N might be for you, we invite you to attend one of our setup meetings to introduce yourself and see how we pursue the hobby.

Here are four photos from our October 2012 meet.

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